Determined to be the best and most respected studio in latin america to compete with the best recording facilities in the world, elcielo  provides a great creative and relaxing atmosphere, teamed with the latest in cutting edge technology.

elcielo was designed to be an artist centric experience, we believe that providing the best technology and acoustics is only part of the equation. We focus on creating the best ecosystem for creativity and art. We know that if we focus on the artists (performers, engineers, producers, etc) magic will happen.

Movic is a businesses group dedicated to entertainment. elcielo, is not just another recording studio, its a Movic experience created with maximum attention to detail (#movicWay). Here, technology does not overshadow human qualities or the facility atmosphere. Our goal is to enhance your experience with the personal attention that you deserve.

The combination of professional services, vibe, atmosphere and client service above all, elcielo strives to be the best creative ecosystem an artist can find in the world.

elcielo is more than a recording studio, it has been used to create different and alternative projects. The main room has been fitted with TV and FILM equipment to create amazing live sessions for bands that apart from being streamed or filmed, they get recorded with outstanding sound quality.

At the heart of elcielo you will find outstanding acoustic characteristics in our rooms. Designed by award winning architect George Newborn,  and featuring an analogue desk (SSL 9000j+), elcielo is the place for serious and professional artists who want to work only in the best atmosphere to capture their works.

We are located strategically in the city of San Pedro, Garza García N.L, only two hours from the Texas border and classified as one of the safest areas in Mexico. Garza García offers a great variety of establishments and tourist destinations, from luxury rooms, top rate restaurants, natural wonders, theaters, international airport, museums, world class musicians and accommodations for all budgets and tastes.

elcielo is closed to the public and is primarily used for Movic Records productions and friends. If you have a project you want to do here, contact us and we will take this on a case by case basis. If your project is serious we will take a hard look.